Kitchens and a New Take On Style

We’ve all been there, and asked ourselves, “what color should I paint my cabinets in the kitchen ?” Well if you are looking for the new trend that is dominating the cabinet color discussion today in design circles than you know that gray is the new white and the industries leading say that while white cabinets will continue to be the big dogs on the block in terms of overall units and general popularity, grey is close on their tail. If you consider something by Wellborn which pairs soft gray cabinets and a richly stained wood which showcases yet another big time trend you are in the money. What is great about the grey and why I tell all my clients why they should hop on board for them is the fact that white looks great for about 2 weeks then you have your first pasta sauce back splash or its just the general decay of all things and you see that the white that looked so clean and fresh in the beginning is always only ever going to be kind of dingy and warn looking.

Another thing you can always do is opt for new functionality. I know this is a trick that is always going to be easier said than done. You see that not only is the color is your kitchen cabinet changing something like its hardware manufactures such as the people over at Blum are trying to change the way the cabinet doors and draws function in the first place and that is really a cheap way to get a lot of play in the kitchen if you know what I mean.

These are things such as hydraulic or easy close changing the way cabinet doors and draws can move in the first place. With new technology materials and building techniques there is a lot more today that we can do that we really never dreamed about before and our homes are now starting to look like something out of the Jetsons. Not to mention if there is one trend that I think is going to take over every kitchen in America over the next decade it is going to be the advent of all things hands free and all systems dynamically integrated to increase your productivity as well as comfort and security.

Another nice bit of advice is that you should consider going for something that boasts some really nice lighting fixtures that are bold and take the room by storm and say, “look at me world, I’m beautiful.”That being said when you consider what the light is going to look like and how it is going to interact with the space you are inevitably lead to consider how you will be perceiving the shadows. This is often a really neglected feature of design but you can really do a lot with shadow that is beautiful so its worth considering where you set things up and ensure the light moves with them to create the feel and aesthetic you want from your home cook place.


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