Podo Takes the Market by Storm

In recent years there rise of the selfie has become a phenomina that we have not seen on this scale or interest. Although there is the selfie demand we have since neglected any real innovation in this regard, and we are in a kind of selfie infancy. We Barely have stepped into selfie adolescence with the rise of the selfie stick. This gets the job done but it is cumbersome and has actually accounted for several deaths a year since people wondering off cliffs or into oncoming traffic. But you got to imagine if this is the way you die, it was probably just a matter of time until something similarly embarrassing accounted for your down fall. That said we may be ready step into full selfie adulthood with the creation of the podo camera which is the first stick and shoot anywhere camera. When I mean stick anywhere, I mean just that, it can stick to any surface with ease and can be re-stuck with ease after a quick rinse and wipe.

This all started in a small startup in Oakland California where the founder, with no background in tech or really anything, was a kid who became aware of the material behind their success. It enables them to stick it anywhere and knew, this needs to be a camera. It was not until they acquired electrical engineering hot shot John Fitz that they were able to push production into overdrive and make something that would actually take pictures. John Fitz was a kind of knight in shining armor and was able to save this company from floundering on several different occasions.

Podo is trying to combine their experiences as a tiny camera and launch on kick starter which raised nearly a half a million dollars. While its about the size of a GoPro you can easily fit it into your pocket or purse. That is the point, they are trying to fundamentally disrupt the way we take our pictures and the world. Think about you have a nice gathering and you want to capture it, you pop out your podo stick it to the wall and it don’t have to seek the help from anyone else to aid in your photo taking en devours. This seems to reflect the general trend that things are changing in the industry and we are all going to be keeping an eye on where this goes. Another really cool feature is that you can stick it to the wall and have a time lapse video made easier than ever before. ┬áPodo has had a lot of trouble getting to market and as you can imagine the competitors are hot on their tail. The thing is that they are trying to get in the price point of 99 dollars that said their competition is going around 50. True they have an inferior product, but when it comes to that price point people usually don’t really car and will most likely just go for the cheaper option.

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