Weather Proofing on a Budget

When it comes to home maintenance there is nothing more vital and in need of your constant vigilant attention then being on top of your weather proofing. The reason being is that weather proofing is in a constant battle with the elements they try to protect against. And for those who know that nothing is ever water proof, and we can only ever have water resistance. In a world where the costs of housing is sky rocketing and peoples most valuable assets is their home it is important to know the cost effective ways to DIY some solutions to your weather proofing needs, to ensure you are doing them right. These home improvements are easier than you think. 

1 Paint:

This is such an important one which is constantly over looked. For one there is no better defense against water and UV damage of your building materials more than the application of paint or stain in the case of decking. More over, the cost of hiring professionals in this field is astronomical so we we often put it off. This is a danger, because once you start to feel the affects of water damage it quickly snowballs out of control and only makers the problem much kljiworse. The reason being is that you will likely have to have much more time and money devoted to the issue than if you just took care of it in a regular time frame to begin with.

A good way to do this is set up some kind of calendar reminder system¬†to ensure you are doing your painting and exterior wood maintenance in regular time tables to ensure that you don’t have any guessing work, and can do it when it is still very easy. Whether you are going to do it yourself or hire an outside party to do your water proofing make sure that it gets done by someone. If you put it off in the hopes of saving money in the short terms you are going to be hurting in the long term and paying for it some day. Not to mention, doing your own painting can be an extremely satisfying en devour. You can have a high level of success even without training or practice if you follow instructions on line and above all take your time and clean up any problems or misses as soon as they happen. Its not a bad idea to keep a wet rag ready to hand for the rookies.

2. Fixing Drafty Windows and Doors

This is another huge money pit. No matter what your house is like your door ways and windows are going to experience change and movement in some sense. Whether its the hardware that supports their function or the frame or material of them deforming over time, you are going to have to deal with a drafty home at some point. Again this is jkhyttrone you should get on right away when noticing. This is a major culprit for high energy costs as well so time is money when seeing to these repairs. With simple gasket materials or the application of chalk or insulation you can remedy these problems in an afternoon. If this is beyond your comfort level, it is wise to seek a pro, because you will save in the long term.

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